Fairway, Wine & Food (FWF) was founded by a group of eight people who share a love of golf, wine and food and who wished to share this with a wider audience.  Using both their professional as well as their personal skills, they review and rate golf courses along with their facilities, restaurants, and wines. These three aspects may be considered individually, a combination thereof, or as a total package.   The reviews and subsequent ratings shall be serious, fair and constructive, and published on this website with the hope that they provide added insight and prove useful to our readers.

FWF also shares the ratings on other websites such as TripAdvisor, Leading Courses, etc., to ensure transparency and fair comparison.

Additionally, FWF offers a variety of services to the golf and hospitality industry. One example of this being a visit by a Mystery Guest which will result in providing stakeholders with a detailed analysis of the golf course, the facilities, the restaurant, and the overall hospitality.

Although based in the Netherland, the FWF agents travel throughout Europe, Malaysia, South Africa and USA. Combined they speak six languages fluently.