FWF not only offers ratings but also a wide variety of services for all parties involved in the respective industries. The list below is just a list of examples of these services. FWF uses a number of agents to ensure we have feet on the ground locally.

If we are not representing a client, we shall let the course, restaurant, etc., know that we are planning a visit . We think that this is fair and should increase the quality of the experience. We may inform the location in advance but not always tell them which FWF agent will be representing us.

Some examples of FWF-services:

– The FWF Mystery Guest review

For this review we first work together with our client to develop a plan of action. Afterwards and unannounced, we go to the location without saying a word about the nature of the visit. We review the facilities, talk to the staff, take pictures, and finally provide you with a full report. Of course, we give you suggestions on how to go forward, improve on shortcomings, and sometimes assist clients in doing so.

– The FWF detailed review

This is the most elaborate review we provide and usually includes interviews with staff, tasting of samples of the menu and the wine list, and inspection of the facilities. We provide a list with proposed changes and, if so requested, do follow-up inspections at a later date usually in the shape of a mystery guest review.

– The FWF teaching pro review

The Golf Professional is a key attribute for any golf course. This FWF review gives you our rating of your Golf Professional. How did the booking process go? What do we think of the Pro and the way he/she handles his business? We do not focus so much on the quality of the technical aspects of the Pro but more on the experience of having a lesson on your course.

– The FWF wine-dine advice

Our agents are experts in evaluating the combination of food served along with the accompanying wines. We offer advice to all types of restaurants in order to match their wine list with their menu. If you change your menu in line with the season, let us advise you with regard to the wine. This could give you the edge over the local competition.

– The FWF Chef’s Special

In the Chef’s Special we give you our view of your restaurant. Not only do we taste the products, we talk to the chef, evaluate the service, and inspect the kitchen and the bar. We have a vast experience in the hospitality industry and know that simple improvements can make a world of difference. And if we think major changes are needed, we will make sure you know what they are.

All our services are dealt with on an individual basis and priced accordingly. If the scope of our work is clear, we shall offer a fixed price. Otherwise, we use hourly rates. Costs such as green fees, meals and travel costs are invoiced separately. All amounts are excluding VAT. In case of a fixed price arrangement, we charge 50% in advance. When hourly rates are to be applied, a retainer will be invoiced. Our general terms and conditions apply to all our services.