After an early round of golf on the estate, we were ready for lunch and we had pre-booked at Terroir.  We arrived a little later than planned which appeared to cause problems for the kitchen as they had already stopped serving starters and would only be able to provide main dishes.  After some discussion and introducing ourselves as FWF, we were informed that we could choose from the complete menu.

Amongst us the prawn risotto, the yellowtail ceviche and the onion tart were popular and two of us were lucky to be able to order the last available portions of the steak tartare.   The dishes were well presented, well flavoured and complimented by the choice of KZ chenin blanc.

There was however a feeling of haste and wondering why there were menu limitations when we had booked so far in advance.  This restaurant has a good reputation, maybe we just picked a bad day what with it being a Sunday lunch, no evening service, and closed on Mondays.

On a good note, we did enjoy lunching outside, shaded from the sun under the canopy, and enjoying the view.


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