Following recommendations and through our knowledge of the Delaire Graff wines, this restaurant was was high on the FWF wish list. On arrival, the marble entrance with luxurious boutiques and collection of art is welcoming however this cannot beat the breathtaking view over the valley from the restaurant’s terrace.  Be sure to arrive as the sunsets, the change of colours on the mountains is amazing.  The terrace is spacious offering privacy and peacefulness to enjoy the surroundings.

We started with a glass of bubbles or a glass of Delaire Graff Coastal Cuvée sauvignon blanc as an aperitif whilst we peruse the menu.  We eventually all opted for the 5-course menu with matching wines.

The feast started with an amuse, perfect to arouse the taste buds.  This was followed by a carpaccio of watermelon, very finely sliced, garnished with loose feta, pickled red onion and a hint of thyme – wow!   Then the tuna, a taste explosion in the mouth with so many flavors including a hint of cinnamon and a dash of olive oil, an invention perfectly executed.  The inlaid jelly of vegetables, in itself, was a mouth-watering experience.  The entree dish of coquille served with a mouse of orange and a seaweed dressing appeared simple but along with the onion syrup and sprig garnish was sublime.  Then followed the springbok, beautifully presented and cooked in wine and accompanied by a gravy of wild berries and nuts.  (We had eaten springbok earlier this week, but this, topped the list and is worthy of an applause).  The party continued as we moved onto the grand finale.  But first, a palate cleanser which, in itself, was a dessert of red fruit, meringues and mouse – definitely aimed at those with a sweet tooth.  Oh, and last but not least, for those with a less sweet tendency, a cheese platter served with a delicious glass of port.

Throughout the evening the service was excellent.  The sommelier demonstrated  his in-depth knowledge of wine in general and, in particular, with the Delaire Graff wines,  along with professionalism, enthusiasm and charm.  He kept us entertained as he tested us and taught us more.  The waiters and waitresses were extremely professional, not too restrained, but just right.

In our view, this restaurant deserves a Michelin star rating in addition to the local South African accolades but unfortunately Michelin does not come to this part of the world.

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