On a beautiful evening FWF dined at Tokara restaurant on the outskirts of Stellenbosch. Renowned for its beautiful wines and terrace offering a spectacular view over the valley.

The restaurant design is modern both inside and outside, snuggling into the environment, decorated with modern art.  Walking to the restaurant entrance from the parking, visitors can see a selection of vines and, on entering, view the wine cask room.

We started with an aperitif on the terrace and were provided with a detailed explanation of the Tokara wines. Once seated at our table we were provided with a simple bread plate and menus.  One starter was a modern version of steak tartare with an African bite, nice on taste, good freshness, inlaid with radish.  Another starter was tuna with beautiful tones, well-cut tuna, light vegetables, with a lime and orange dressing – a dance on the plate.  The main course of pork belly, slow-cooked for 12 hours, so tender and tasteful, served with a delicious mildly smoked mushroom sauce – it definitely put a smile on our faces. The dessert of olive ice cream was received by some with mixed feelings while others choose the simple cheese platter.

FWF opted for à la carte wines choosing not only Tokara wines but also a beautiful Syrah Grenache Mourvèdre (Newton Johnson, Hermanus).  The after dinner whisky, Oban single malt, was an exceptionally small (single) measure barely covering the bottom of the glass.

Tokara is hip and modern, serving beautiful dishes, not too refined but definitely to be recommended.  We enjoyed the evening, the good food and the delightful conversation with the passionate Chef.

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