FWF dined at the restaurant on the Jordan wine estate, deep in the beautiful wine region close to Stellenbosch.  The expectations were high, given the reputation of this restaurant.  To start with there was a warm welcome by staff as we were brought to the terrace for our aperitif with beautiful views over valley.

Aperitif was a nice glass of bubbles or a refreshing gin and tonic.  For our meal we opted for the a la carte. Once seated we were presented with a lovely selection of breads and  homemade tapenades.

Starter:  mussels served in papilotte with beautiful Thai flavours predominated by  lemongrass, coconut, ginger – beautifully balanced.  This was served with a nice, fresh Riesling with citrus tones.

Main course:  springbok fillet with bone marrow and herbs – beautiful dish, with the bone marrow giving a fantastic additional taste to the springbok – a happy marriage.  Personally a lot of herbs, but still enjoyable.

An alternative main course was the lamb, nicely cooked with young vegetables, as usual, delicious with spices. The gravy made from the meat jucies with earthy flavors. This testifies to the chef’s passion and cooking pleasure.  Also the fish main course was perfect in taste and balance with the citrus flavours complimenting the fish.

Finally cheese, from the cheese room, an experience in itself, with very good explanation and served with a glass of port.

FWF opted for the wine suggestion menu and the staff were excellent at providing the explanation and answering our wine-related questions.  Overall Restaurant Jordan is excellent with a fantastic kitchen and perfect and attentive service.

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