FWF played the Atlantic Beach Country Club in February 2018. The reviews we read  in advance of our visit were very promising so our expectations were high;  they could have become true if it wasn’t for the fact the course was burned due to the water shortage and supply of water containing chemicals. The strong gale winds didn’t help especially for the bunker shots. But one could see that this is a very serious course. We shall surely return next trip after (very much) rain has fallen and we are pretty sure it will be much more enjoyable.

There are a few enhancements possible in the clubhouse. I really don’t know why the central hall and reception area is almost larger than the bar on the first floor.  Nice shop, but a touch sloppy perhaps. The management is very good, friendly and open. The manager came out to welcome us and warned us that the course was not in its normal condition. He was fairly modest as this course could be right up with the Arabella and Pearl Valley courses; not during our visit but that should certainly not keep you from playing here.

The estate side course is undulating and even has some wild life on it. If the quality of the course is not at its best, perhaps a bit more effort should be provided by the staff? The starter was pleasant but came across as not being very interested. The halfway house food was not the standard expected and we really don’t understand why only a small part of the bar overlooked the ocean and the course. Strange is the word that came to mind when we discussed the building.

But in the end you come to play golf.  It was sad to see how the course had suffered but we are sure they will get it sorted as soon as water is available. Then it will be a very sweet course to play.

Rating:  6

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