FWF played the Arabella course when all of the Western Cape was brown, dry and lacking water. We don’t know how they did it, but the course was completely green, well-watered and in tip-top condition. Almost a strange experience having driven through the dry lands to be arriving at the clubhouse via the green and flourishing approach and parking the car in what appeared to be an oasis. The clubhouse is in the same building as an hotel, several bars and restaurants, all in all a huge place. As this course is quite remote, it has to be good so that it attracts people to play and even stay there as well – and it is. If you think about playing in the Cape region, this one has to be on your list.

The course itself is nice, not too long and perhaps a bit short for the really good golfers. Very well maintained with speedy greens. And the views are just breathtaking. As the course is part of a resort, we felt that golf is one of the many things they offer – that has good and less good influences. The focus on the golf is a bit less than we expected. The staff forgot to provide us with buggies, which can happen, and in the end we ended up with one without the GPS. Little details and they should not keep you from playing here.

However, don’t eat in the general restaurant. The best food you might ever eat can be found in the Cape region but not in this restaurant. Slow service with no knowledge of wine. There is a second restaurant which we couldn’t go in as we wearing shorts; if only somebody had told us before!  The resort seems to host many conferences which is perhaps not too inviting as you simply want to play a round. But even with these disadvantages, the course concurs all and is very impressive.

Rating:  8

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